Maine is well-served by major highways and local roads into every corner

Interstate highways, state highways and local road take you easily to every corner of Maine. If you feel adventurous, try exploring some of the famous old logging roads

Auto Routes to Midcoast Maine

Getting to the Midcoast By Car

I-95 is the only Interstate that passes near to Maine's Midcoast. Travelers from all points north and south will best reach the region by taking I-95 into the state of Maine. Several routes reach different areas of the Midcoast from I-95.

U.S. Route 1 is the best road to take through the region itself, passing through or very near all the shoreline resort communities, including Brunswick, Bath, Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Waldoboro, Rockport, Camden, Belfast and Searsport.

Other state highways intersect with Route 1, taking travelers north back toward I-95, or south toward the water where U.S. 1 itself does not hug the coastline.

Auto Routes to the South Coast Region

Getting to the South Coast By Car

Located at the very Southern tip of Maine, the South Coast borders on New Hampshire and is just about an hour's drive from Boston, MA.

From points south and west, take I-95 north. Good alternates are U.S. Route 202 and Route 1. Route 202 enters the region further inland, and Route 1 parallels I-95 but truly hugs the coast.

From points north, I-95 is the most direct route, at the very least from Augusta. Travelers from Quebec and north-central Maine may wish to travel down another route and pick-up I-95 as they get closer to the coast.

The South Coast is Maine's smallest region, and communities are closely spaced, make travel between them more convenient than in any other part of the state.

While I-95 is the most direct route to reach any of the coastal towns and cities, U.S. Route 1 and its auxiliary branches will provide a more scenic drive. Use these routes to get to all the shoreline areas, including Ogunquit, Kittery, Portland, the Yorks, Wells, Kennebunk, Cape Elizabeth and Old Orchard Beach.

Further inland, U.S. Route 202 passes through Sanford, Waterboro, Buxton, Gorham, and Windham.

I-495, an adjunct of I-95, takes a more westerly course -- further inland -- from Portland, up into Lewiston and on to Augusta, where it re-unites with I-95.

One final note: Travelers in the summer months should be prepared for heavy traffic on I-95, anywhere within the South Coast.

Auto Routes to Augusta Kennebec Moose River Valleys

Getting to Kennebec Moose River Valleys By Car

The Kennebec/Moose River Valleys Region is a long, narrow region which borders I-95 on its south end, and Quebec on the north. U.S. Route 201 bisects the region vertically, traveling north from I-95 to the Canadian border.

Travelers coming from both the north and south are best advised to take I-95, except those coming down from Quebec, who can reach the area directly by taking U.S. 201 due south.

I-95 runs along the southern end of the region, and takes travelers through the towns of Gardiner, Hallowell, Waterville, Pittsfield, Clinton, as well as the state capital, Augusta.

U.S. 201 also runs through Augusta, and then heads north, passing through or near Norridgwock, Skowhegan, Bingham, Caratunk, the Forks, Moose River and Jackman.

Auto Routes to Maine's Highlands

Getting to Katahdin Moosehead By Car

Kahtadin Moosehead is accessible via I-95. Visitors from north and south should begin with the I-95. It passes near Lincoln, Mattawamkeag and Millinocket, and through Medway. It runs only through the southeastern corner of the region.

Maine Routes 11 and 6 will goes through the southwestern part of the region, and to Milo, Dover-Foxcroft and up towards Greenville (on Route 6 and 15).

Local roads lead further north, up to Baxter State Park and the whitewater areas near Ripogenus Dam.

Route 11 northward from Millinocket and Medway will take travelers up to Sherman, Patten and Hersey.

From Patten, Route 159 heads north to Shin Pond.

Auto Routes to Aroostook Region

Getting to Aroostook By Car

Most of Aroostook is considerably north or west of any interstate. In fact, almost the entire western part of the region has no state or federal highway running through it. This part of The County is the most remote portion of New England, and travelers should take care that very few towns and services will be available on the roads between Eastern Aroostook and Quebec.

To reach Aroostook from all points south and west, take I-95 north into Southern Aroostook, and continue on Maine Route 11 or U.S. Route 1 north (these are the only two highways that travel north from I-95 into Aroostook.

From Canada, Take U.S. 1 south from Fort Kent (which will travel through Aroostook), or Main State Route 11.

I-95 reaches its Northern tip on the Canadian border at Houlton. Other Aroostook locations along I-95 are Smyrna, Oakfield, Golden Ridge, Island Falls, and Molunkus.

Use U.S. Route 1 to reach Littleton, Monticello, Mars Hill, Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Caribou, Van Buren, Madawaska and Fort Kent.

Use Maine Route 11 to reach Ashland, Portage, Winterville, Eagle Lake and Fort Kent.

The Allagash Waterway is best reached via private roads that are open to the public. There is no major road that goes further west beyond the town of Allagash, which is State Route 161.

Auto Routes to the Western Lakes and Mountains of Maine

Getting to the Western Lakes and Mountains By Car

Maine's Western Lakes and Mountains Region is best reached by car via I-95. From points south, travelers should take I-95 north and pick up U.S. Route 302 north. From points north, travelers should take I-95 south into Bangor, then follow U.S. Route 2 west.

Although the only interstate to run through Maine, I-95, is quite a distance from the Western Lakes and Mountains, there are three U.S. Highways which run through the region. U.S. Route 302 runs from Fryeburg (on the New Hampshire border), through Bridgton, Windham, and eventually to Portland.

U.S. Route 202 runs northward from the South Coast, passing through Auburn, Lewiston and Leeds before heading into the Kennebec region.

Further to the north, U.S. Route 2 takes an east-west route that runs through Gilead, Bethel, Rumford, Mexico, Wilton, and Farmington. The highway continues on to the east, ending in Bangor.

Travelers heading into the northernmost portion of the region, including many of the mountain ski areas, should take State Routes 27, 16 and 17. These routes pass through Rangely, Stratton, Bigelow, Carrabassett, and Grafton Notch State Park.