Greater Portland & Casco Bay offer vacation activites, indoors and outdoors

Walk Into the Minds of Arctic Explorers

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum at Hubbard Hall at Bowdoin College, 9500 College Station in Brunswick is built around historic objects donated by Donald B. MacMillan during his long career as an Arctic explorer. The museum offers insights and artifacts from the expedition of daring men into the forbidding terrain of the Arctic. Exhibits include Robert E. Peary and His Northern World, Through the Lens: Arctic Biodiversity, and art works of native Inuit people. Guests who come for tours can try on Inuit snow goggles, try a bow-drill, feel various furs, and hold a walrus tusk! Tours can be customized to focus on Arctic exploration, the environment, or Native peoples. Open daily except Mondays. Phone: 207-725-3416.

An Extraordinary Experience for an Ordinary Day

Downtown Portland has the cure for weary senses, starting with the feet. Not kidding. Soakology at 511 Congress Street is a mixture of spa, teahouse, and bubble to relaxation. The foot sanctuary spa, where an astonishingly comforting foot rub is the central feature, is a communal environment frequented by people alone or with friends. Herbs, florals, and essential oils come together for a rejuvenating foot soak. Before of after, visit the teahouse to tea and light fare like salads, crostini, cheeses, fruit, smoothies, and chocolate, Tea and food can be served to you in the foot sanctuary spa. Come in frazzled or just in need of a bit of pampering; leave on a cloud of good feelings from top to toe. Open daily. 207-879-7625

Have Fun With Your Food

Night time campfires with marshmallows and chocolate are too few and far between. We want more s’mores! One solution has arrived in Portland: the Marshamallow Cart, a food truck operated by two guys who vowed to bring s’mores to the streets. The cart serves basic and enhanced (raspberry, coconut, toasted almond) s’mores, Belgian waffles, cereals and trail mix. Usually, the cart resides at Post Office Park in the Old Port neighborhood on weekdays and at the Hyatt Palace on Fore Street on weekends. But this is a mobile pleasure dispenser; you can find today’s location by

Bring Your Best Game Here

Revive some old-fashioned entertainment that doesn’t rely on a power source, and has the benefit of bringing people together. Next time you are looking for indoor entertainment -- for people of any age – in South Portland, Diversions Puzzles & Games at 415 Philbrook Avenue. The store stocks new and classic games and high-quality puzzles for every age and interest. And, it has lots and lots of open game days and nights, like family game times on Sundays, weekly board games on Thursdays, and more. Learn games like Wits & Wagers, Dixit or Qwirkle. Try Rush Hour or Scrambled States of America. Or stick with the classics, like chess, backgammon, checkers and cribbage. Staff members can teach you how to play one of our many demo games. Open daily. 207-773-0300

The Key to Success

Maine Escape Games in South Portland offers four rooms of interactive entertainment where you and your group must solve puzzles and games in the room in order to get out. Discover clues, build teamwork, and have fun as you spend one hour or less playing detective. This Maine location has three rooms with different themes: “The Maine” room, where the lighthouse keeper has gone missing and you must learn to run the light; “The Estate” room, where the mansion has been robbed and you must find a piece of valuable artwork and the thieves; and the “Escape Your Fears” room, with the highest difficulty level, where a madman has locked your team in his basement. Recommended for adults; kids under 18 must have a waiver. Phone: 207-274-6007

Love Vintage? Scratch That Itch

The Portland Flea-for-All at 585 Congress Street in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland is a marketplace offering vintage, antique and artisan goods ranging from classic jewelry to old records and much more in between. Whether or not you have a special item in mind, chances are you’ll find something at the Flea. The Flea has reaped lots of admiring chatter in collection and decorating circles for its broad scope and welcoming attitude. Got something to sell? Drop in! Open Fridays through Sundays. 207-370-7570.

Dinosaurs Rumble at Portland Science Center

Location on the Maine Wharf at 68 Commercial Street in Portland, with 15,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Portland Science Center is a place of wonder and discovery in the natural world for kids and adults. In winter 2016-17, visitors can gets their pants scared off of them at the exhibit Dinosaurs Unearthed, with more than a dozen animatronic dinosaurs that roar and rumble. The exhibition features full-sized skeletons, fossils, an excavation site, and activities to unleash every visitor’s inner paleontologist. It's like shark week, but bigger. 207-812-3850

Driving You to Drink in Portland

Some observers of American life declare that the existence of a lot of craft breweries is a sign of a city’s soulfulness and creativity. Or maybe it just means you can find a lot of places to whet your beer-tasting curiosity. In any case, the Maine Brew Bus based at 111 Commercial Street in Portland scheduled and private tours of breweries in Portland and southern Maine. The tours give you a behind-the-scenes look at Maine's craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, and more. Tours are led by knowledgeable guides and a non-drinking driver. All tours include a snack or meal and trivia games. Sign up for alluring experiences like: Casco Fiasco, Beast of the yEast, Southern Crawl, Suds and Spirits or Beerunch! 207-200-9111.