Augusta/Kennebec are served by excellent roads

Auto Routes to Augusta Kennebec Moose River Valleys

Getting to Kennebec Moose River Valleys By Car

The Kennebec/Moose River Valleys Region is a long, narrow region which borders I-95 on its south end, and Quebec on the north. U.S. Route 201 bisects the region vertically, traveling north from I-95 to the Canadian border.

Travelers coming from both the north and south are best advised to take I-95, except those coming down from Quebec, who can reach the area directly by taking U.S. 201 due south.

I-95 runs along the southern end of the region, and takes travelers through the towns of Gardiner, Hallowell, Waterville, Pittsfield, Clinton, as well as the state capital, Augusta.

U.S. 201 also runs through Augusta, and then heads north, passing through or near Norridgwock, Skowhegan, Bingham, Caratunk, the Forks, Moose River and Jackman.