Biking in Western Lakes/Mountains is a wonderful vacation activity

Maine Mountain Division Trail

Length: One 6-mile piece in Standish and another 4-mile piece in Fryeburg

Plans call for the Mountain Division Trail to ultimately cover 52 miles between Fryeburg and Portland. Two sections of the trail are open now. A 6-mile segment between Standish and South Windham provides a gently rolling ride in the Sebago Lake watershed area, northwest of Portland. The second leg, in Fryeburg, begins not far from the Maine–New Hampshire border and travels 4 miles along the railroad right-of-way.
Access: To get onto the southern segment, start from the western trailhead at Johnson Field in Standish. To get onto the shorter northern segment, start from the Maine State Visitor Information Center at 97 Main Street in Fryeburg. The paved trail ends near the small regional airport and the Brownfield town line. Consult trail map.
Trail map.