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viles arboretum
Viles Arboretum

153 Hospital St. Augusta, ME, 04332 Phone: 207-621-0031

Come to this natural area to watch birds and other wildlife and enjoy thousands of native Maine plants. See full listing for Viles Arboretum at our gardens page.
Moxie Falls

Route 201 The Forks, ME Phone:

One of the highest waterfalls in Maine, this natural wonder features an assortment of trails around the falls, and a swimming hole at the falls' bottom. Along the trails are observation areas. The trail to the swimming hole is quite steep, and good physical condition is required.
Houston Brook Falls

Scenic water falls are a treat for the eyes and ears.
Caratunk Falls

These beautiful falls are home to an amazing historic find: Indian relics and petroglyphs that date back as far as 9000 years ago.
Shin Pond

Dotted with resorts and beaches, this body of water will provide visitors with just about every type of activity, from fishing and boating, to sea plane rides.