Historic hotels and resorts add flavor to Mid Coast region lodgings

Camden Lights at Night 500x250 - 16 Bay View - Camden, ME
16 Bay View Hotel Camden

16 Bay View Street Camden, ME, 04843 Phone: 207-236-4325

The Bricks of Maine’s Industrious History Encase This Hotel

Nice thing about New England: visitors feel the presence of local history simply by looking around. Nowhere is this more true than in the Mid-Coast town of Camden, where small boats in the harbor and cool shops and dining in town display the inventive Maine character. The luxurious 16 Bay View Hotel lives this history, situated in a restored 1905 industrial building in the center of town. The structure’s beauty is repeated in exposed brick walls, ironwork balconies, and in-room fireplaces. But today’s luxuries are well-represented: heated bathroom floors; custom marble showers with body jets; thick, terrycloth bathrobes; Champagne service; Wi-Fi; business computer & printer access. But you will feel old Maine ingenuity all around you.

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Carriage House Room 500x250 - Camden Maine Stay Inn - Camden, ME
Camden Maine Stay Inn

22 High Street Camden, ME, 04843 Phone: 207-236-9636

Vacationing in an historic building, reminded of a more gracious time

At the Maine Stay Inn in Camden you can close your eyes and imagine yourself back in 1802, when the place was constructed and the region was still part of Massachusetts. Back then there was a dirt road out front when Alden Bass, a direct descendant of John Alden and related to both presidents named Adams, built the place at 22 High Street. Now there is Wi-Fi and some of the quaintly decorated rooms have a TV, but the ambiance harkens back to a more gracious time. The building is the second oldest of 66 listed in the district on the National Register of Historical Places. The impressive main house, gleaming white with dark green shutters, has an attached carriage house, as was the custom at the time, and a four-story barn.