Maine Windjammer Association - The Summer Vacation you've been Waiting For!

A windjammer cruise on this unique sailing vessel is a Maine adventure

Windjammers are merchant sailing ships with three to five large masts and square sails. Few places keep sailing them, but one of those places is mid-Coast Maine. A windjammer sailing cruise is a truely special Maine sea adventure.

Maine windjammers
Schooner American Eagle - Maine Windjammers - Camden ME
Maine Windjammer Association

Sailing from Ports in Rockland and Camden, ME, 04843 Phone: Toll-Free: 800-807-9463

Sail into a perfect getaway aboard a Maine schooner

The rush of being on board a schooner as it sails through the water at top speed. Falling asleep in a cozy cabin to the sound of gentle waves. Viewing a red Maine sunset from the deck of a lovingly restored racing yacht or historic schooner. Sailing past lighthouses, islands and seal colonies. Dining on delicious Downeast food with your crewmates. It’s all part of the experience you could have aboard one of the eight magnificent vessels that make up the Maine Windjammer Association, offering cruises of a few nights to a week from May to October. Sail aboard one of these privately owned vessels, with accommodations for up to 40 guests, and have the adventure of a lifetime.
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