Snowmobile & ATV Rentals in Maine

Go north – to Maine – for some thrills on a snowmobile or an ATV

Are you looking for a remote, outdoor thrill in Maine? We are here to tell you that snowmobiling is wicked fun. (Or, “wicket” fun, if you are a true Mainer.) This beautiful state – famous for its coastline – has lots and lots of deep country of lakes and mountains, as, for instance, in the western region around Rangeley Lake. If you have a yearn to try snowmobiling but cannot manage the cost and maintenance of owning one, the good news is that companies exist to rent out the machines, and to outfit you with clothing, gear, instruction, and advice before sending you out on the trails. These sleek and tightly engineered “sleds” skim the winter landscape as they take you out to places as remote as you wish to see well-groomed and managed-trails overseen by the Maine Snowmobile Association. Food and drink and socializing are found where you need them; ask any Mainer (the socializing is part of the fun). In the warmer and greener seasons, a rented ATV (all terrain vehicle) or UTV (utility terrain vehicle) can take you out on similar thrilling adventures, to see vistas so peaceful and beautiful even a Mainer might bust out an extra syllable of delight.

Branded ATV - Shin Pond Village - Mt. Chase, ME
Shin Pond Village

1489 Shin Pond Road Mt. Chase, ME, 04765 Phone: 207-528-2900

We look forward to seeing you!

When you rent a side-by-side ATV at Shin Pond Village, you have access, right at the resort’s doorstep, to Polaris Adventures, the first-ever national network of ride-and-drive experiences. Hundreds of miles of trails over unique and varied terrain provide the kind of outdoor fun this 100-acre family-operated resort is known for. Rentals come with GPS navigation devices, preloaded trail maps, helmets and eye protection. Ask about special stay-and-play packages at the resort, which has nearby access to Baxter State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Shin Brook Falls and many lakes and ponds. Available lodging ranges from camping and RV sites to cottages, guest suites and homes by a pond.
Snowy Scene - Baxter State Park - Millinocket, ME
Baxter State Park

64 Balsam Drive Millinocket, ME, 04462 Phone: 207-723-5140

No food or fuel in the park. Snowmobiling is permitted on the Park Tote Road when conditions allow for it.
Foliage - Bradbury Mountain State Park - Pownal, ME - Photo Credit Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands
Bradbury Mountain State Park

528 Hallowell Road Pownal, ME, 04069 Phone: 207-688-4712

Snowmobiling is done on the extensive trails of this mountaintop park.
Trail Maps: West Side - East Side